Search for Great Grandpa Edmonds

Hi, I’m Wayne Peterson. I recently got my “autosomal” DNA stuff from Family Search and GED Match. FTDNA #406702 – My GED Match is #T933497

My primary concern right now is to find more information about my great grandmother,


Mamie Mae Carter


Mamie Mae Carter, and who I believe was her first husband, “Mr. Edmonds”.

Mamie Mae was born April 29, 1878 in Bloomington, Ind. To James H. Carter and Sarah Ann Carpenter.

James Carter died early on in that marriage and Sarah Ann and Mamie Mae lived with Sarah Ann’s Aunt , Nancy, and Nancy’s husband Sexton Long and they are all listed in the 1880 census of Indian Creek township, Monroe Co. Ind. “Mamy” and her Mother Sarah are going by the last name Carpenter, which is Sarah and Nancy’s maiden name.

Sarah Ann, Mamie’s mother, married a guy named Harvey M. Ham (Hamm) April 10, 1882, in Monroe Co. Ind. But family tradition has it that Mamie Mae was raised by Nancy & Sexton Long, Sarah’s aunt & uncle.

Family tradition has it that Mamie Mae answered an ad in a magazine to go to work in the wheat field in N. Dakota in early teens, probably the early 1890’s.


Charles Emil Peterson

On the marriage application for Mamie Mae and Chas. Emil Peterson, dated Sept. 18, 1896 in Cass Co. North Dakota, Mamie is written as May Edmonds and she attests that she was previously married to a “Mr. Edmonds” and that “ her former husband had died more than a year ago”.

My Grandfather, William Ray Peterson, used the birth date of Aug. 3, 1895 , in Fargo (or Absoraka) N. Dakota, throughout his life but I am not able to locate a birth certificate that would surely list his Mother and father.

My expectation is that Wm. Ray was raised along with Mamie Mae and Chas. Emil Peterson’s 13 or so other children. My concern is that “Mr.Edmonds” was likely Wm. Ray’s real father, and I would very much like to find out more about that relationship and see if lineage is indeed Edmonds.

If you think that you have information about this or suggestions for where to search next, please contact me.



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